Cancelling or Downgrading FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a relatively new player in the wireless market offering “free” Internet access. The amount of free Internet access they offer is rather paltry — just 500 MB per month for their mobile hot spots and up to 1 GB on their home Internet plans. You’ll likely find that these free allocations aren’t enough to meet your needs which is why FreedomPop constantly tries to upsell you on more expensive plans. Just be forewarned that upgrading your service or signing up for new features is super easy — all of it can be done quite easily on their website — while downgrading or cancelling service requires a phone call to their customer support department. If you try calling their customer support number (888) 701-1353, you’ll likely get a recording stating that they are experiencing an “unusually high call volume.” Before you know it, you’ll be waiting hours just for someone to answer.

Your better bet would be to use their call back option. Just dial the support number 1 (888) 701-1353 then press 2, 2, and 1 to request a call back. You’ll be given the option to confirm the number you wish them to call or enter an alternate call back number. Apparently, FreedomPop gives priority to call back numbers even over customers who are waiting on hold. I’ve waited over an hour on hold without ever getting through to anyone while I usually get a call back within 15 to 20 minutes.