NearPoint eDiscovery Client Install Path

A quick way to determine the client installation path for the NearPoint eDiscovery client is to look for the "ClientInstallPath" key in the web.config file on your NearPoint eDiscovery server.

  1. Open the web.config file located in the C:Program Files (x86)MimosaeDiscoveryMsieDAService using your favorite text editor.
  2. Search for key="ClientInstallPath" in the section.
  3. The client installation URL is contained in the value parameter, e.g.,
<add key=&quot;LatestRCOAppVersion&quot; value=&quot;4.2.2120.0&quot;></add>
<add key=&quot;ClientInstallPath&quot; value=&quot;;></add>
<add key=&quot;CMOClientInstallPath&quot; value=&quot;;></add>
<add key=&quot;RCOClientInstallPath&quot; value=&quot;;></add>
<add key=&quot;NearPointHostName&quot; value=&quot;;></add>