Logon Restrictions and Redirected Folders

I recently ran into an unusual issue in which a user’s folders were not redirecting properly on client running Windows 10 Enterprise preview.  Each time the user would attempt to log on to a secondary Windows 10 client, she would encounter an error message stating the the user’s redirected folders were unavailable.  She was also receiving warnings regarding her user profile not syncing.  When attempting to remote in to a working PC, I encountered an error stating “The system administrator has limited the computers you can log on with.”  Bingo!  I had earlier added log on to restrictions to her user object in AD to prevent her from logging onto a couple of systems which weren’t ready to be used.  Doing so apparently resulted in the odd behavior this user was experiencing.  Once these log on restrictions were removed and the use was once again allowed to log on to all computers, these issues went away.  Note that these log on restrictions were also preventing folders from being added for newly added users.

Bottom-line, avoid using log on restrictions with Windows 10.


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