Changing the Signature Title on QuickBooks DE9 Forms

Our company uses QuickBooks Online for all of our accounting and payroll. It’s a pretty useful service but I can honestly say that it’s particularly easy-to-use. Recently, I noticed that the title on our California DE 9 form — that’s the California Employment Development Department’s Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages form — was out-of-date. Unfortunately, QuickBooks just gives us two options when reviewing this form: View or Submit. After a lot of searching and trial-and-error, I stumbled upon the location where QuickBooks stores the title appearing on these forms. It’s not under the Employees tab or under Company –> Manage Users where you might expect it, rather, QuickBooks saves the title and contact information for all electronically submitted payroll and tax forms under Employees –> Payroll Setup –> Contact Information. The contact information appearing on all of the forms is pulled from the Primary Contract section. Not exactly the first place I would have thought of looking but at least I eventually found it.

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