Server 2012 R2 Cluster Shared Volume Rename Issue

As some of you may already know, Windows allows you to rename the mounted volume links in the C:\ClusterStorage folder on each node of a Windows fail-over cluster to anything you’d like. Windows will even make the same corresponding change to the mounted volume links on all other nodes in the same cluster. What Windows won’t do, however, is update the paths to any virtual hard disks currently in use by any running VM, including highly available VMs. Obviously, this can create a problem for any VMs currently configured to use a VHD on the renamed cluster shared volume. It’s not an issue which Windows will warn you about nor one that will cause any running VMs to crash, but the next time you try to restart that VM or live migrate it to another node, the VM will crash and fail to restart on any node.

iDRAC 7 Login Issue

Recently ran into an issue with the iDRAC 7 remote access controller in a Dell PowerEdge T620. After updating the firmware from 1.35.35 to 1.56.55, I could no longer log in. After entering a valid user name and password, the web interface would start to load and then kick me right back to the login screen. I was logging in at the time using the IPv4 address of the iDRAC. Switching to using the DNS name of the iDRAC allowed me to log in. It turns out that Dell recommends clearing the cache in your browser whenever you make a major update to the iDRAC firmware. Sure enough, once I cleared the cache, I was able to log in again using the IPv4 address.