LastPass Login Dialog Fails to Open with Browser

I recently ran into an issue with LastPass and Chrome after moving to a new computer. I chose not to migrate my old Windows user profile and settings to this new computer as I wanted to start over with a clean slate. One issue that I ran into early on was that I couldn’t get the LastPass login dialog to automatically appear each time I launched Chrome despite having selected the “Open login dialog when browser starts” option under the LastPass Advanced settings. With the help of a LastPass support technician, we determined that the issue was caused by a Chrome process running in the background. The default behavior of Chrome is to run in the background to support background pages and apps. I resolved the issue by right-clicking on the Chrome icon in my system tray and de-selecting the option to “Let Google Chrome run in the background.” The next time that I launched Chrome, the LastPass login dialog window appeared.

Cancelling or Downgrading FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a relatively new player in the wireless market offering “free” Internet access. The amount of free Internet access they offer is rather paltry — just 500 MB per month for their mobile hot spots and up to 1 GB on their home Internet plans. You’ll likely find that these free allocations aren’t enough to meet your needs which is why FreedomPop constantly tries to upsell you on more expensive plans. Just be forewarned that upgrading your service or signing up for new features is super easy — all of it can be done quite easily on their website — while downgrading or cancelling service requires a phone call to their customer support department. If you try calling their customer support number (888) 701-1353, you’ll likely get a recording stating that they are experiencing an “unusually high call volume.” Before you know it, you’ll be waiting hours just for someone to answer.

Your better bet would be to use their call back option. Just dial the support number 1 (888) 701-1353 then press 2, 2, and 1 to request a call back. You’ll be given the option to confirm the number you wish them to call or enter an alternate call back number. Apparently, FreedomPop gives priority to call back numbers even over customers who are waiting on hold. I’ve waited over an hour on hold without ever getting through to anyone while I usually get a call back within 15 to 20 minutes.

Changing the Signature Title on QuickBooks DE9 Forms

Our company uses QuickBooks Online for all of our accounting and payroll. It’s a pretty useful service but I can honestly say that it’s particularly easy-to-use. Recently, I noticed that the title on our California DE 9 form — that’s the California Employment Development Department’s Quarterly Contribution Return and Report of Wages form — was out-of-date. Unfortunately, QuickBooks just gives us two options when reviewing this form: View or Submit. After a lot of searching and trial-and-error, I stumbled upon the location where QuickBooks stores the title appearing on these forms. It’s not under the Employees tab or under Company –> Manage Users where you might expect it, rather, QuickBooks saves the title and contact information for all electronically submitted payroll and tax forms under Employees –> Payroll Setup –> Contact Information. The contact information appearing on all of the forms is pulled from the Primary Contract section. Not exactly the first place I would have thought of looking but at least I eventually found it.