Users of boot camped Windows on a Mac most likely have already run into issues with the built-in trackpad. Although the trackpad works great on the Mac side and includes features such as “palm rejection,” the Apple drivers for Windows fall painfully short. Vladimir Plenskiy’s recently updated Trackpad++ helps to resolve some of these issues by bringing some of the great OS X trackpad features over to the Windows side. Note that Windows 7 64-bit users must also install the associated Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 to override Microsoft’s strict digital signature enforcement policy. The Trackpad++ driver installation will fail otherwise. So, if you’re tired of seeing your cursor jump erratically on the screen or entire blocks of text disappear while typing, you might want to give this a try. I’ll report back once I’ve tried using it for a few days.

Trackpad++ Greatly Improves Your MacBook’s Trackpad in Windows


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