“The folder is open; the folder is closed”

Earlier today I received an alert on my Samsung Galaxy S3 regarding an impending heat wave in the Bay Area. I was a bit puzzled as I couldn’t figure out why I received the alert. Of course, the weather forecast was accurate — it’s looking to be a very hot over the weekend — but I couldn’t determine the source. I haven’t subscribed to any weather related alerts and I don’t have any weather apps installed on my phone. I thought I’d use the Notification History app I installed a while back to track down the source of the alert. When I launched the app, I received a notice instructing me to enable accessibility and the Notification History Pro service to start record notifications.

Enable Accessibility Service

Unfortunately, this also meant that there was no notification history to search so I wasn’t able to use this app to track down the source of the alert. I enabled the services as instructed in hopes that the alert would reappear. Later that same afternoon, I noticed that each time I opened or closed a folder, a voice would announce that the folder was open or the folder was closed. Very annoying. It turns out that this is an unavoidable side effect of allowing the Notification History Pro service to keep track of my alerts. If I want to keep a log of all of the notifications that I receive on my phone, I have to enable accessibility prompts. However, the voice prompts are a lot more annoying to me than an occasional mystery alert. So, bye-bye Notification History Pro. It seems I hardly could use you.

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